24 May 2009

Blackbirds, Orioles, Larks photos published

Only 11 species. Still lacking Rusty Blackbird and several Orioles. A good start, however.

I’m not really sure about the immature Horned Lark picture. If anyone has a better idea on this one, let me know. The bird did walk around like a H.L. and was seen on the highway in the same places I’ve frequently seen H.L.s.

philstromain.com goes public

After puttering around with this domain for over a year, I’ve decided to use it as my personal web space. Here you will find info about me as well as archives of photos, especially wildlife. We’ll see how things unfold.

shalomplace.com will continue to be the focus for online ministry, and heartlandspirituality.org will describe what I’m doing at the retreat center.